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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6A, Day 4 – Prince Rupert to Newcombe Harbour

With a late departure time we all enjoyed our coffee with a gentle sea breeze and got a few last-minute things done while we still had access to town. With crab pots acquired and provisions secured, the fleet took to the water. Now that we are several days into our trip all the crews are at home with their boats and operations are very smooth.

We are now traveling through land where the Tsimshian (pronounced shim-shee-uhn) People reside. This is a First Nations group that traditionally lived around the Skeena River. The mouth of the Skeena River is just south of Prince Rupert. It is the second longest river in British Columbia second to the Fraser River near the city of Vancouver. The Tsimshian people, along with others who live in this area today, rely on salmon. Eulachon or candlefish were also harvested and valuable because of their high oil content. These small fish are anadromous like salmon, meaning they spawn in freshwater and go to salt water to live the majority of their lives.

Watching the fog move in and out of the valleys around us was beautiful today. The trees appear to be breathing as the mist rolls over them. In a sense they truly are breathing. Evergreen trees like the ones we are surrounded by, take in the moisture of fog through a process called foliar uptake. The leaves of plants can absorb the water droplets out of the air through pores called stomata. These pores also release water vapor into the air which creates fog. If we look closely at the hills around us, we can see the thin clouds of mist growing and fading. We can see the trees inhaling and exhaling.

When we arrived at Newcombe Harbour there were a few eagles guarding the entrance. They allowed us safe passage and most of the fleet found a place to anchor for a relaxed and quiet evening. The two-boat raft enjoyed a lovely scallop appetizer made by Bob on Bonum Vitae and freshly baked sourdough bread.

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