2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6A, Day 5 – Newcombe Harbour to Petterson Harbour | NW Explorations

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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6A, Day 5 – Newcombe Harbour to Petterson Harbour

Our route today took us through beautiful scenes of coastal forest. We were especially lucky today because we caught sight of a group of Sea Wolves! Spike and Myriam on Artic Star came over the radio to let us know they had spotted them. There were four that we could see down on the beach: two adults and two pups. Sea Wolves are a genetically distinct group of wolves that live in this area. They can swim up to 8 miles between islands and 90% of their diet comes from the ocean. It was really quite special to catch a glimpse of these beautiful wolves.

When we pulled into Petterson Harbour we started to notice it was FULL of Lion’s Mane Jellies. These beautiful, slow moving jellies are the biggest species of jellie in the world. The largest one ever found had a bell of 7ft in diameter and its tentacles were 120ft long! The ones we were seeing were about 6in in diameter but there were some that were almost 2ft!

After getting our raft together, many took to their dinghies to go explore. A group of us also took the slower mode of transportation and kayaked around to the other side of the bay. There were beautiful rock walls covered with moss shining from water droplets. At the head of the bay there is an old summer camp where Tsimshian people used to gather fish and clams. The mouth of the stream was full of jumping salmon and kingfishers. Those of us who kayaked were out for several hours and when we returned to the boats our arms felt a little stronger.

As everyone slowed down and settled into the evening the bay became quiet except for the occasional laugh that gently entered the air making our presence known to the birds, salmon, trees, and all the creatures hiding among them. Eventually the sounds of our group also began to fade and the stillness of night away from town took hold.

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