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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6A, Day 6 – Petterson Habour to Bishops Bay

Today was one of those days that you exist in your experience and all you can feel is gratitude. We woke surrounded by thick fog which slowed our morning down and gave everyone some extra time to enjoy a second cup of coffee and watch as the day revealed itself. Slowly and gently the fog thinned revealing beams of sunlight coming through mist and trees which eventually landed on our faces. Warmth is a powerful thing for the spirit.

We thought that we were thoroughly enjoying the sun, but the humpbacks showed us how to truly appreciate a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. The fleet stopped when we spotted a few resting at the surface. They waved their pectoral fins (which are the biggest of any whale) in the air and basked at the surface for a long time while everyone sat on their bow and basked in the sun alongside them. Humpbacks are large, graceful beings. The crew of Bonum Vitae saw just how big they are when two whales came right next to their boat and peered up out of the water at the crew. The presence of humpbacks is truly humbling especially when they are observing you just as much as you are observing them.

When we arrived at Bishops Bay many of us were ready for a swim to cool off! This is also the location of a natural hot spring. There are two small pools built into the rock where you can enjoy a soak after cooling off in the ocean. Folks have hung fishing lures and buoys that have been signed by the different boats who have pulled into this location. NW Explorations has left our burgee hung as a testament to the time we spent here this summer.

All the boats rafted together this evening and the evening turned into a beautiful gathering where Matt, our flotilla captain, grilled burgers that were served on freshly baked sourdough buns. Everyone contributed to the gathering with scollops by Bob (on Bonum Vitae), Todd’s (on MOJO) famous fruit shark, and Hal’s (on Koa Lani) wonderful halibut. It was lovely to share this time together. As the evening came to an end, the last few that stayed up got to see bioluminescence light up the dark water; proof that magic really does exist.

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