2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6A, Day 7 – Bishops Bay to Aaltanhash | NW Explorations


2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6A, Day 7 – Bishops Bay to Aaltanhash

Another foggy morning to keep us from rushing. Another beautiful day of sun for blissful cruising. Another day of wonderful memories made.

On our day of colorful coastal forest views, we passed by Butedale Bay. This is the site of an old cannery which at peak operations was home to 400 people. It is now abandoned, but for a period of time it had a caretaker that would sell ice cream from a shack near the water. With all the old structures surrounding us it was quite a juxtaposition having all of our beautiful vessels next to the ruble. There are plans to develop the bay in the near future and there is already a power supply, a desalination plant, and a fiber optic cable to the bay.

When we arrived at Aaltanhash many of us were keen for a walk on the shore. Although there was no trail, we made our way along the tidal area finding purple rock crabs, Goodes tongue, barnacles, and so many more intertidal friends. Goose’s tongue is an edible plant in the plantain family. It has a savory and salty taste and some of us snacked on it while we strolled. Many of the crabs we found were actually just the shell of the crab. Crabs molt their shell as they grow and leave behind a perfectly intact version of themselves.

It was such a hot day, so many of us took a dip in the creek to cool off. We also collected berries along the way which were a refreshing snack. Tired and happy everyone returned to the boats for dinner and an evening of relaxing.

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