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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6B, Day 3 – Lagoon cove to Forward Harbour

Our visit to Lagoon Cove was everything we could have hoped for. We pulled away and into our next journey after the rain from last night had stopped. We had a black and white visitor join the fleet for a while today. A lone male orca popped up next to the fleet and swam alongside us. With his tall dorsal fin reaching out of the water he glided along coming up now and again for air. Orcas are the largest member of the dolphin family. Males average about 24ft with a dorsal fin up to 6ft tall and weigh up to 9 tons. Usually, orcas stay within a pod that is made up of family members for their entire lives. Males will leave their family pod to mate with females from other pods, but then return to their family pod.

After pulling into Forward Harbour, a group of us set out to explore on land. We enjoyed a trail that took us to a beach. The woods were full of beautiful moss of all different kinds. When you look closely at the forest floor you begin to see the world in a different kind of detail. There are over 8,000 species of moss in the world and when you start to look at where you are walking you start to notice all different shapes in the green. Mosses are bryophytes which are nonvascular plants. Unlike other plants that have structures to conduct water and nutrients throughout the plant, moss do not have these “tubes” which means they need an environment where water is readily available.

Back at the boats, some people took off for a peaceful kayak. It was so quiet in this bay that we all took a deep breath of calm. The clouds slowly cleared throughout the evening, giving way to a beautiful sunset and hope for sunny skies in the morning!

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