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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6B, Day 4 – Forward Harbour to Octopus Island

The morning blanketed us with fog drifting between the boats. As the sun moved higher, beams of light came through the fog, burning it away as we watched the morning evolve. The quiet was broken as everyone started their engines to begin our cruise to Octopus Island.

Octopus Island is a Marine Provincial Park which means it has levels of protection in place to preserve the wildlife. As we pulled through the entrance, crew members manned the bow to watch for rocks, but we saw so many other things too! The water was very clear and we could see the sea floor littered with clam shells, kelp rising up from the bottom, and schools of little fish.

It was a warm day, and many took advantage of the heat to take an afternoon swim. After cooling off and taking a rest, the fleet met on the bow of Arctic Star for a cocktail party. We told stories and reminisced on the beauty of the bay we are calling home for the next two nights. A family of river otters swam by the boats on their way to land for the night. These playful friends are very social compared to most mustelids (weasels). They live in family groups that can have up to 20 otters. The group that said hello to us was about 5 or 6 and after they made their way into the woods. The rest of us took their cue and headed back to our own floating homes for the night.

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