2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6B, Day 6 – Octopus Islands to Grace Harbour | NW Explorations

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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6B, Day 6 – Octopus Islands to Grace Harbour

A beautiful sunrise greeted the horizon as we soaked up the last of our time in the Octopus Islands. We left this amazing place in the late morning and continued south.

Grace Harbour is a small and homey anchorage. We got our raft together and prepared for adventures. The crew of Bonum Vitae went out on their dinghy and checked out the oyster farms nearby. There are great oysters in this area, but at certain times of the year shellfish are better left alone to eat another day. This is due to something called paralytic shellfish poisoning (PCP). This is a toxin that is produced by algae that the shellfish eat and it accumulates in their tissues.

A group of us also took a hike up to a nearby lake. There was evidence of logging along the trail including an old piece of machinery and thick metal lines. The lake was covered in colorful lily pads and dragonflies danced along the surface of the water catching the sun on their wings.

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