2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6B, Day 8 – Madeira to Chemainus | NW Explorations


2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6B, Day 8 – Madeira to Chemainus

We have made it back to the land of Madrona trees! Also known as Arbutus, these beautiful red barked coastal trees only live near the ocean. They are a classic sight in this area and in the San Juan islands. Although they do not have needle type leaves, they are an evergreen. They don’t drop their leaves once a year. Instead, some of their leaves die each year while new ones also grow.

We made our way across the Strait of Georgia today. The open water showed us some beautiful waves to ride, and we pulled into the Gulf Islands under the sun. There were many cormorants sunning themselves on the rocks as we made our way between the islands. Cormorants are a diving bird that have less oils in their feathers than other birds. They are wonderful swimmers, but their feathers get saturated with water, and they have to dry them out before they fly.

The folks at the Chemainus marina greeted us with smiling faces. This small town is famous for its murals all over town. It is wonderful art and makes a walking tour around town a must do when you visit.

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