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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 1, Day 12 – Shearwater to Alexander

Heading off from Shearwater with the sunshine warming our salons and the background of birds chattering, it felt like quite the chipper movie scene! Waving good morning to everyone on the docks, the lead boat crew saw each off one by one and in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, Deception followed right on right behind them.

It’s quite the show to watch the fleet peel off the docks, but like clockwork, every member among our flotilla family knows the flow and in a split second, everyone is in a line and on their way.

As a picture-esq line of goslings, we throttled back and navigated through the narrow channel, taking advantage of the close shores and playing eye spy with the local marine and terrestrial life. Folks spotted elusive critters like sea otters and bald eagles around almost every corner!

Into Alexander Inlet, the sheer cliffs and green waters took our breath away. The fading grey clouds were a backdrop that made for the spectrum of green colors to pop, and as the raft was assembled, we all quickly hopped in our kayaks and dinghies to explore the winding inlet.

We welcomed a new crew aboard Sea Stock last night and it was great to see them out and about, enjoying their moments together and taking full advantage of their new opportunity of ventures as a crew.

With the cloud cover quickly returning and a slight breeze picking up we finished our outings and made our way back to our raft, winding down and preparing dinner for the crew aboard our home bases.

It’s one of the sweetest things to look around and so often see smiles across everyone’s faces. It truly makes our days here on Deception. To have grown so close to everyone already and be able to call them family, really feels like an honor.

Taking in our scenery and expressing our gratitude to everyone around us comes naturally, and we can’t say it all enough. Thank you fleet, cheers!

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  1. The crews’ endless smiles encourage all of us to smile and laugh. From sun up to moon rise, the people, the circumstances, the locations, and sometimes silly antics make for happy times. 😉 😉

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