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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 1, Day 16 – Bishops Bay to Lowe Inlet

Leaving Bishop’s Bay we were greeted by bright greens and blues under a grey cloud cover, it’s always so neat to watch the vibrances change depending on the day’s backdrop.

Making our way into the “Ditch”, a popular nickname for Grenville Channel, we were prepared for our 30-ish nautical mile venture into Lowe Inlet.

Grenville Channel is a 45 nautical mile narrow passage with its narrowest point 0.2 nautical miles wide. The sheer cliffs of granite make for an astounding view, but these sheer walls make for an even more interesting phenomenon.

Due to the composition of granite having a low percentage of iron, it makes for a magnetic anomaly within the channel that can sometimes affect a compass’s magnetic north…how neat!

Pulling into Lowe, the cliff faces flanking the inlet were astounding, and the light rains made for a very Jurassic feeling experience while we tied stern ties and dropped anchors.

Once Deception was settled we called in the raft and cozied up our floating neighborhood for the evening.

With kayaks in the water, lunches packed, and light jackets donned some of us headed out on ventures to explore the shorelines.

With rainbows coming into and out of frame with the on and off rains, our evening was lovely in Lowe Inlet. We kept our eyes peeled on the shorelines in hopes of seeing a local Black Bear who calls these coastal forests home, and tuck in excited to start our venture into Kumealon tomorrow morning.

One thought on “2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 1, Day 16 – Bishops Bay to Lowe Inlet”

  1. Yurtle the Turtle enjoyed kayaking. The most amazing aspect was, the workerbees appeared to deploy the kayaks, and then magically put them away. The workerbees never seemed to stop. (We all know bees are cherished, and these were no different.)

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