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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 1, Day 17 & 18 Kumealon & Prince Rupert

Lowe was a lovely way to spend our evening and as we peel out of the inlet, we reenter Grenville Channel.

Met again with sheer granite cliffs we cruised our way close to the shoreline, keeping our eyes peeled for any wildlife movement. With so many eyes on the water, folks have been able to spot things that not everyone was able to see, specifically, the sighting of a few black bears eating a low tide breakfast. Good eye Theresa!

We spent our evening in Kumealon our last stop in Grenville Channel, and soaked in one of our last anchorages, rafting and exploring the winding inlets before we wrap up our three-week trip for a final hoorah in Ketchikan!

Leaving Kumealon our journey to Prince Rupert was short and sweet. One by one our boats pull into Cow Bay Marina, and we settle in for our evening. Today will be our last day with the incredible crew of Slow M’Ocean and to celebrate their departure we scheduled a fleet gathering at a nearby pub.

With our crew stopping by each table, we shared stories and excitement for our next ventures, sharing our thanks for the journeys so far.

Giving our personal thanks to the crew on Slow M’Ocean we shared a card and a few words that reminded them just how incredible we’ve felt our time with them has been.

Exploring Prince Rupert our crew shared a meal at a local restaurant and enjoyed the local ambiance checking out the street side arts and eclectic shops.

Heading home we waved hello to our groups of fleet crew that passed us along the way. It’s been such a fun experience to share such a special experience with this group of people and create friendships we will hold on to for a lifetime.

With the sun setting later and later the further north we go; the sunsets have tucked us in late but with some of the prettiest colors we have seen yet. Tomorrow, we head back into the states with an anchorage in Foggy Bay as our official last anchorage before we pull into Ketchikan…time seems to fly by when you’re having fun.

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