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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 3, Day 2 Meyer’s Chuck to Berg Bay

Leaving Meyer’s Chuck, we surprise the fleet with the famous cinnamon rolls made by Cassy, the local postmistress, for a super sweet treat! It’s a delicacy to share her artful creations of cinnamon rolls when we stop in and is something most folks look forward to when they hunker down in the little town.

Leaving the docks we started our way onto our journey for Berg Bay, excited for the clearing skies and ensuring we were all keeping our eyes on the water for any marine life!

Thankfully, not long after leaving the chuck we were greeted into Clarence Straight by a pod of Dall’s Porpoise. They can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and are found to be quite fond of riding boaters’ bow wake. Sure enough, they make their way in front of the bows of our fleet, spending upwards of 20 minutes playing with us, making for such a neat show!

After we say goodbye to the porpoise, and they make their way back to their journeys we continue ours and jaws drop as we come across a noisy Stellar Sea Lion haul out! What an incredible day for marine wildlife viewings. We could almost smell them before we saw them and were surprised at just how loud their barks were as we got closer to check them out, making sure we weren’t too close as we wouldn’t want to disturb their peaceful afternoon…too much.

Parting ways from another fun wildlife encounter we cruise alongside the eastern shore of Wrangell Island and find our way into Berg Bay.

Most of us had never been to Berg Bay and as we approached our anchorage for the night, we were all taken aback by just how astounding our surroundings were.

With vivid greens draped along the mountainsides and bright white snow patches filling in most of the mountaintop crevasses, we all felt so spoiled as we dropped anchors, tie our stern ties, and hunker down for our evenings.

Checking in on the fleet as they wind down for the night, we then tucked into Deception and thanked everyone for the incredible day. We are all really looking forward to tying up in Wrangell tomorrow and are getting excited for our final town visit before we continue heading north towards the glaciers!

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