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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 3, Day 3 Berg Bay to Wrangell

Leaving Berg Bay was a stunning departure, light grey skies made for another vivid scenery of greens, whites, and browns.

It was a quick trip into Wrangell and as we cruised around the northern tip of the island, we discussed the effects of the Stikine River’s glacial silt runoff from the Stikine Icecap, one of the largest remaining icefields. The Stikine holds very rich history for the indigenous communities of the Tlingit native peoples and had a major effect on the current culture of Wrangell.

On Wrangell there is a state park full of incredibly preserved Petroglyphs, a name for historic rock carvings, that date back to over 8,000 years ago, which some researchers believe to be dated before the arrival and settlement of communities of the Tlingit peoples.

As we scour the beaches like an easter egg hunt, and find carvings, we deeply enjoy both the complexities and simplicities we come across with the help and company of our adventure crew.

From well preserved to well weathered, the carvings tucked in the many faces of shoreline rocks are known to hold meaning and purpose for the long present native communities that utilized these coastlines. However, very little is currently known about these carvings as by the first publishing of their existence recorded, there were no Tlingit members around who could help anthropologists deduce their meaning.

So, as we continued to wander and spy more carvings, we felt elated to explore such rich history and appreciated the ability to experience them.

Heading back to our boats, we stopped by town for a few last-minute provisions before our continued adventures north.

Back at the docks Deception got a dock party together and its was so lovely to see everyone join in. People who had a day of being out on the town made their ways home and sat down for some snacks and drinks, enjoying our shindig before returning back out to town for one of our last dinners off the boat. It’s been an incredible venture this far and to know that the journey has only begun brings a smile to all our faces as we tuck in for the evening.

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