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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 3, Day 4 Farragut Bay to Snug Cove

Leaving Wrangell was our earliest morning yet, but with fog over the trees and smiles across all our faces we were ready for adventure. With all our goslings in a neat row, we made a lengthy trek into Wrangell narrows through a low fog that made for quite the backdrop.

Into the narrows the fog was lifting off the trees and with the light winds it almost looked as though the trees were breathing around us. We snugged up our fleet and in making way into the winding narrows we all prepared for very attentive navigations.

With upwards of 60 navigational markers, we took our route slow and steady and chatted amongst ourselves about wildlife and what all the fishermen are hoping to catch as they zipped around the shallows and trolled slowly in the open channels.

Out of the narrows we were greeted by a quick break of sunlight as we trekked past Petersburg and into Fredrick sound, getting ready to keep our eyes out for humpback whales in a well-known and very popular channel for their feeding.

Into Farragut Bay the skies cleared, and the blues became so vivid that dropping our anchors and tying our stern ties became just the beginning of our adventures.

The Deception crew checked on each of our goslings and was excited for everyone and each of their adventures planned for the rest of their day. After our rounds we went out on to the water and explored the bay, fished, and enjoyed the incredible views for ourselves too.

With new fishing rods and quality time out on the water we witnessed our technician catch her first fish!

Winding down for our evening our crew soaked in the views and checked on each vessel, tucking in for a good night’s rest after such an early morning and we all waved goodnight planning for an exciting morning heading into Snug Cove!

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