2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 3, Day 5 & 6 Farragut Bay to Snug Cove Lay Day | NW Explorations


2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 3, Day 5 & 6 Farragut Bay to Snug Cove Lay Day

Leaving Farragut Bay we trekked our way into Snug Cove and got to observe harbor seals and sea lions playing along the shore, and even spotted a few sea otters for a cherry on top!

Stephens Passage was a quick crossing over to the shorelines of Admiralty Island, but just as we were tucking into the cove, we saw an array of humpback whale activity that coaxed us to putter out into the channel and observe the wonder.

Countless humpbacks blew all around us, diving deep left and right. We were all entranced, floating with our crew amongst the many blues.

With the show lasting for upwards of an hour, just as we had decided to continue our journey into our anchorage for the next two nights a few vessels were gifted with an incredible sighting of a humpback whale breaching, and the rest of us listened in awe to the unmistakable slap of the creature’s weight travel quickly across the surface of the water.

After a beautiful low tide beach walk, explorations of the winding coves, and a warm sunset, we all tucked into our vessels and began looking forward to our lay day here in Snug Cove. The day to come is already full of ideas for adventures and crew time, but also the excitement in preparing for our fleet BBQ!

To start the lay day, we had our resident fisherwoman here on Deception snag a perfectly sized halibut for our crew of four and all our jaws dropped at the quickness of her catch right off the boat! Halibut is quite a sought-after fish in these waters, and we were so grateful to witness such a neat treat, as was everyone else who stopped by to check on her newly established talents.

As the day went on and the adventures wound down, we all began preparations for our own BBQ contributions and got together in the warm late afternoon sun, sharing drinks, and snacking on all of the kind and creative additions to our fleet’s feast.

With another peachy sunset we cleaned up, cozied up, and rested up for another day’s cruising into our next stunning destination on our ventures here in Southeast Alaska.

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