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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 3, Day 7 Snug Cove to Tracy Arm Cove

Leaving Snug Cove, we were all buzzing with excitement for our time in Tracy Arm to begin as today is the day we will be dropping our hook for a good night’s rest before our visit to Sawyer Glacier!

Andddd right into Stephens Passage we were once again greeted by a stunning visit from a handful of humpback whales feeding on the waterway’s rich nutrients.

After peeling away from the feeding humpbacks we directed our headings north and before we knew it we were being visited by a large pod of Dall’s porpoise who quickly found our bow wake for a joy ride.

Coming into Tracy Arm Cove our crew spotted a pair of Grizzlies grazing in the tidal flats! The fleet was in the works of rafting and anchoring, but of course it was an obligatory call to the fleet to keep their eyes out as they settled in.

For one of our clients this evening was an incredibly exciting one as his daughter was flying in by float plane and we all gather around to watch the skilled pilot land in the small cove with light winds and low fog.

Arriving safely and soundly some of us get ready for ventures out in the rain to fish and even visit some of the nearby bergs that were floating by our anchorage opening. As we kayaked out to a few of the smaller nearby bergs it was quite the experience getting so close and being so aware of their power and presence around us.

For a short moment as we observed such stunning colors, the sun peaked through the clouds and fog and made for a breathtaking scene. Tomorrow morning, we take off to Sawyer Glacier and will be returning back to this anchorage, but after such adventures we are all buzzing for the experience.

Cheers, to our first adventures of the Tracy Arm glaciers this summer (and a little bit of rain on your camera lens)!

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