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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 3, Day 8 Sawyer Glacier

Waking up with the morning dew we prepped our vessels to leave and prepped our crews for one of the most exciting and beautiful adventures of a lifetime.

We all piloted our own vessels up through Tracy Arm, enjoying a few hours cruise up to Sawyer Glacier with good company and a fun game to play in looking out for icebergs and wildlife.

Into the channel we puttered along with a shoreside humpback and before we knew it, we found ourselves close and cozy with momma harbor seals and their fresh pups. Mother harbor seals will make their way into Tracy Arm to pup due to its protected-ness and its ability to offer an array of ‘solid ground’ to keep her own teaching and her pups learning dynamic and safe.

Reaching Sawyer Glacier, we were all in awe and soaked in our moments of wonder and fished out our own pieces of glacier ice to place in a drink, and cheers to the experience with our crew who has made this venture possible.

Heading off from the main Sawyer glacier, we tuck our noses into South Sawyer before heading back to our anchorage and get a bit closer to this ice sheet. With South Sawyer having little to no more of its glacier ice being held under the water, it makes for a more accessible and safer ability to view at a closer range.

Still struck with wonder, we all took close looks at the ice as it passed by, making a point to relish in the beauty of the environment we found ourselves in.

Sharing such an experience with the ones you hold close is something you cannot explain or predict how you will feel until you are in it and making it happen. It’s one of the loveliest things to witness as everyone’s crew grows so close and finds their flow in tight knit connections as they share these experiences.

The scenery, the geology, and the biology are all part of what makes Tracy Arm such an interesting and incredible venture and we are all so thankful to have shared such a stunning trek into Sawyer Glacier. With the glaciers behind us, we had officially made our way out of the icefields into open water and were able to sit back a little more, relax, and let the moments sink in.

Back at Tracy Arm cove for our evening we all feel ready to cozy up after a long day and look forward to our next day’s crossing into Sandborn Canal. What a breathtaking day!

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