2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 3, Day 9 Sawyer to Sandborn | NW Explorations


2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 3, Day 9 Sawyer to Sandborn

Puttering out of Tracy Arm Cove we said goodbye to the icebergs floating in the channel around us and began our day’s journey into Sandborn Canal.

The day was colored in light greys that began fading into the thinnest strips of blue, making us all cross our fingers for the clearing to continue throughout our venture.

On our way out, the wildlife around us was planning for breakfast at the water’s edge, waiting for the tide to turn and watching for the small fish to make their way towards shore with the rising ocean.

Out of the anchorage the sun peaked through and with a light rain rolling in, the scene was something out of a movie and we all paused to enjoy it.

Near the shoreline along our route into Sandborn, movement and splashing in the shallows caught our attention and quickly we realized we were witnessing a juvenile humpback feeding alone along the coastline. Skimming the surface of the water this humpback was aiming to gather small fish and microorganisms that were coming closer to the surface with the rising tide, and we felt so lucky to spot such a feeding technique!

Getting closer to Sandborn the grey backdrop made for vivid greens and we were all exited to set our anchors and explore the new cove as the sun continues to burn off the morning greys.

With anchors dropped and adventures had, everyone settles into their warm evenings and the Deception crew makes their rounds, handing out today’s batch of our captain’s boat baked sourdough bread!

With the night calm and quiet, we all tucked in and spent our evenings alongside our crew, thankful for their company and all their efforts in making this trip a once in a lifetime experience.

With the peaks framed in blues and whites, we soaked it all up and said our goodnights to Sandborn Canal, thankful to call this space our home for the evening.

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