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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 4, Day 2 Snug Cove to Tracy Arm

Unzipping our first raft, everyone was looking forward to continuing their learning of all the steps and moves of the process like a dance, and it was all smiles getting underway under the clearing skies.

With the last vessel untied and on its way, we throttled up and into Stephens Passage we went. To the glaciers was where our headings were fixed.

Before we officially crossed into Tracy Arm, we ogled at the stunning hanging glaciers among Endicott Arm and started feeding our fascinations and curiosities of such icy wonders with questions and hypothesis amidst the fleet.

Once Deception was settled, we called in all our rafting goslings one by one and advised the folks waiting their turn to keep their eyes gazing across the shorelines occasionally, following eagle in flight and checking the tall grasses for any sign of movement.

With glee we hear that we have been met again with our beary good grizzly friends snacking along the grassy coastline and to our bows the fleet all sat and watched keenly through binoculars (or a long-lensed camera in my case 😉

So far, our time spent alongside all the wild creatures we’ve met here in the inside passage has continued to fascinate us, and to only imagine just how breathtaking our trip into Tracy Arm will be…

A handful of us bundle up and jump into our kayaks, heading off on an adventure to explore the nearby icebergs and looking forward to the close-up views of the all-natural art sculptures while of course, keeping our vessels at a respectful and safe distance.

The trip was a great way to move our bodies after a day of cruising and get us all jazzed up for the experiences tomorrow has in store for us. After the venture we dried off, tucked in, and spent the evening with our crew, resting up for a full day of play at the Swayer Glacier.

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