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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 4, Day 4 Tracy Arm to Cannery Cove

Leaving Tracy Arm a fog laced around our anchorage in a way that felt nostalgic, catching all our eyes, and everyone agreed this felt like a beautiful way to be sent off on a day of continuing our cruising here along the Inside Passage.

Into the low hanging clouds we went, and wow, was it a day for whale watching! As we paused and watched the many whales move around us, we floated along Stephens Passage and made sure the coast was clear before we throttled back up.

On our way into Cannery Cove, we were greeted by arguably the cutest creatures in southeast Alaska, the Sea Otter. They moseyed along on their backs eating snacks and taking naps, and we all tossed jokes back and forth enjoying each other’s curiosities and banter.

Settled in the cove we gathered for a short and pebbly beach walk enjoying the vast views and watching just how quickly the tide changed as it began to creep up on us, bringing intertidal creatures into view under the clear waters.

With tidal flats vivid like a painting, and the mountain scape sheer like a green screen, it took us all aback to stand at sea level and peer up into a wonderous scenery. It’s unbelievable to image that the further we cruise north, the more and more of these humbling surroundings we will be spending time amongst.

Heading back towards the raft we smiled at our sweet little floating neighborhood and thanked our crews as they showed up as shore support to pick us all up and take us home.

Our quaint community back at home was sharing laughs and tossing lures into the water in hopes to catch dinner…or at least a little something more than seaweed and sea stars.

Lounging into our evenings we enjoyed the vastness at every angle and really took the time and space to let ourselves soak it all in. Tomorrow’s trek is a shorter one into Security Bay and we can’t even begin to image how it could get much better than this.

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