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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 4, Day 5 & 6 Security Bay & Red Bluff Bay

Waking to a grey morning we watched the sunrise bring in light colors of yellows and oranges below the cloud cover in Cannery Cove and began preparing to head underway into Security Bay. The trek was short, and we played a breathtaking game of eye spy as we whale watched for the dark colored rolling backs blending right into the shadow crested waves.

Coming into Security Bay we were met by a raft of otters, and they welcomed us in by diving in and out of our wake and checking out our fleet. After finding our anchorage we zipped up our own raft and spent an evening of light rains and peaks of golden sun with our crew, mingling throughout our floating neighborhood.

The next morning, we neatly filed out of our cozy home for the night and made our way back out into Chatham Strait, giddy for our time in Red Bluff Bay.

With an exciting crossing, yet short and sweet, to add to our resumes we were all even more dazzled and amazed by the vivid greens and rushing waterfalls around every turn than we imagined we could be as we weaved into Red Bluff Bay and found our safe base for the evening.

Soaking up as much of the journey into the bay as we could, it’s the best feeling to see the bliss across everyone’s faces as our destination offers more and more incredible vantage points as we explore even just a fraction of what southeast Alaska has to offer.

With a crew ready to jump into kayaks and explore the coastlines, we bundle up and take our curiosities to the tidelines identifying seaweeds and observing the tidal flats for all its wildlife.

To our amazement we share the water’s edge with a grizzly bear, keeping a safe and respectable distance while we check each other out. As we paddle, and rains come and go, the sun warms us up and makes the time we spend immersing ourselves in the environment that much more memorable. Without even knowing we spend our whole afternoons on the water among the sheer cliff faces of granite and old growth forests, and we couldn’t be more thankful for our crew and the people that helped us make this experience a reality.

Thinking this day couldn’t get any better we ended our adventures with a rainbow in the sky just above the fleet, catching the perfect moment between the rain lifting and the sun peeking through, a brief pause in time of pure wonder. Words, and even pictures worth more than a thousand words, cannot even begin to do this magic true justice.

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