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2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 4, Day 9 Warm Springs Bay to Appleton Cove

Waking to an almost blue bird day here in Warm Springs Bay we waved our good mornings and were all rightfully rested, ready to pour fresh coffee, start up our engines, and unzip the raft for one of our most stunning days of cruising yet.

Out of the bay we were immediately greeted by a humpback whale cruising close to the coastline, seemingly focused on catching their own taste of breakfast to start their day off on the right…fin!, just like us.

Little did we know, we all had front row tickets to a whale show we would never forget! Off both our ports and starboards we saw blow after blow and as we continued on through Chatham Strait we decided to throttle back and linger among the gentle giants.

With whales all around us as we lightly floated, we sat in silence and listened to their breaths travel across the water as they surfaced, soaking in another incredible moment of sheer wonder.

Continuing to make our way north in Chatham Strait, we got close to our anchorage in Appleton Cove and shared a bit of fun with the goslings in line, sharing a few smiles and laughs as we prepared to settle into our evenings.

In Appleton the low tide made for a fun sight, watching the harbor seals fish in the shallows, and keeping an eye on a curious array of crab pots to navigate. We quickly set Deception on her anchor for the night, secured our stern tie, and shared our cozy spot with all the vessels that decided to join the raft.

To our amazement, right after securing lines a vessel on the raft snagged a beautifully sized halibut! With the fleet in agreement, we kept the fish, said our “thank you’s” to both the fish and the fishermen, and everyone was given a piece of the beauty to prepare for their own tastes of a fresh Alaskan dinner.

To end our evening on a fun and creative note the Deception crew shared their knowledge of how to make homemade tortillas for a yummy dinner of fresh fish tacos! To say the least, today’s cruise was unforgettable, and we all look forward to the excitement that crossing Peril Strait will bring us tomorrow afternoon. Until the next time, Cheers!

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