2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 7, Day 12 De La Beche to Cresent Cove | NW Explorations


2023 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 7, Day 12 De La Beche to Cresent Cove

The soft morning light and absolute still waters combined to create mesmerizingly beautiful reflections on the water in De la Besche, a bit like a kaleidoscope image of a totem pole on its side. We are on our journey north again waiting for a window of opportune weather conditions to cross Hecate Strait back to the mainland. We will remain in protected waters today as we return to Cresent Cove. An eagle perched in a nearby tree watched us as we lifted the anchor and we passed a group of harbor seals hauled out on the rocks, on the way out of the bay.

While passing through Darwin Channel, Thea announced a humpback breaching directly behind Pamelican, as high as her Bimini! That got our attention, so we throttled back in anticipation. We saw more breaches but none quite so spectacular as the first. While idling, what looked like a shark swam along the surface slowly by deception. We guessed it may have been a large dogfish?  We watched humpbacks surface and followed them through a nearby narrow channel where they disappeared. A great blue heron was fishing on the edge of a tide pool perched on a rock near the edge of the channel as the tide rolled in.

Crescent Cove has a shallow sill near the entrance but once over that, we all cruised in, chose our anchorages, and noticed three black bears in the estuary. Pamelican and Sea Stock anchored out as the rest of us rafted. With kayaks and dinghies launched, many of us ventured in to see the bears and as we returned, noticed another bear walking along the shore near the sterns of the raft.

That evening, Greg, Marnie, and Larry hosted a gathering on Thea. It was a beautiful evening with lots of laughter as we shared experiences of our journey. Tomorrow’s journey will take us on the outside back to Skidegate where we can refuel, restock, and await an opportune time for crossing Hecate Strait.

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