2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 10 Echo Bay to Port McNeill | NW Explorations


2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 10 Echo Bay to Port McNeill

We left Echo Bay this morning blessed with another day of beautiful weather. The sun was shining, and the mood was high.

On our journey we caught a glimpse of some porpoise dorsal fins and a pair of playful sea otters doing tricks. The most exciting observation of the day though was a flock of eagles circling in the air, taking turns diving down to the ocean surface. In the midst of the eagle frenzy, two dolphins could be spotted occasionally swimming along the surface as well. It seems as if there must have been an abundance of food in that particular spot, resulting in an all-you-can-eat buffet. It truly felt like seeing an episode of Animal Planet unfold before our eyes. Everyone was astonished and filled with excitement.

As we pulled into Port McNeill, light rain began to fall though the waters remained calm. Landon and Tim fueled up the boats while the rest of the group went ashore to do some last-minute provisioning.

While everyone was nestled in for the evening, No Agenda announced over the radio that Arctic Star had a bald eagle perched atop their boat. We all quietly and eagerly went out on our decks to get a look. He sat there seemingly unbothered by all the attention he was receiving. Someone claimed that it must be a good omen to have an eagle watching over you. After all the eagle activity we had experienced that day, I think they must be right!

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