2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 13 Big Frypan Bay to Pruth Bay | NW Explorations


2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 13 Big Frypan Bay to Pruth Bay

It was a little rainy and foggy leaving Big Frypan Bay this morning, but it was a beautiful sight to see rays of sunlight streaming down through the fog, illuminating the water and all of the goslings. As we were leaving the bay, we spotted a couple of slick minks swimming along the shoreline, creating a little wake in their tracks. They always look mischievous, like they are up to no good.

As we got to Fitz Hugh Sound, the swells grew larger, and the ride got a little bumpy momentarily. All of the white caps were deceivingly good at convincing us we might have seen a whale, mimicking the telltale blow. Eventually we truly did spot the whale we had been searching for, noticing the blow first and then the flukes of a humpback, confirming our find shortly after.

The fog cleared and the sunshine we had been waiting for came out full force as we got closer to Pruth Bay. We passed by a large sea lion dipping in and out of the water, rather gracefully for its size.

Once we made it to Pruth Bay and everyone picked their spot to anchor for the night, people got down their dinghies to drop crab pots and explore the bay a bit. The sky looked painted as the glow of the setting sun peered through the clouds, low on the horizon. It was a beautiful spot to call home for the night.

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