2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 15 Pruth Bay to Shearwater | NW Explorations


2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 15 Pruth Bay to Shearwater

This morning was calm and crisp in Pruth Bay. Anchored in the bay nearby was a red Coast Guard vessel, which happened to be departing the same time as us, making it feel as if we were getting a personal escort.

The swells were large today, rocking the boats in a continuous back and forth movement. Amidst the waves, little sea otter heads could be spotted bobbing up and down. We spotted a humpback as well, which flashed its white flukes before diving down again. Passing through the narrow Hecatte Channel dark gray harbor seals were sprawled out on the rocks that lined the shore.

Leaving Nalau passage, the sun finally came out to greet us. Waves crashed against the beautiful white rocked islands as we cruised into more open waters. The view was breathtaking.

We spotted our first black bear as we passed Want Island! He was a rather inconspicuous fellow, nestled in behind the rocks. It was a very exciting first of the trip.

When we got to Shearwater, most people went out for dinner at the local pub just right up the dock. The town is fairly small, with different art installations along the top of the dock and a beautiful mural depicting important historical figures, which instantly caught your eye. A totem pole titled the “Warriors’ Pole”, dedicated to the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers and the First Nation war veterans, was particularly interesting. It portrayed Raven, a great teacher and crest of the Heiltsuk head chief, as well as the faces of the fallen warriors within Raven’s wings. The history of the Heiltsuk people was embedded everywhere you looked.

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