2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 16 Shearwater to Bottlenose Inlet | NW Explorations


2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 16 Shearwater to Bottlenose Inlet

Today was the best day for spotting wildlife. We saw so many unbothered sea otters floating like logs. They always look so blissfully content, no matter how crazy the waves are. We also saw an abundance of harbor seals coming through the Seaforth Channel, covering every inch of the large rock they occupied.

As we made it to Ivory Island, the blue sky faded to gray, and the rain began to pour. The swells grew as we navigated the rocky channel. Reaching the north end of Reed Passage was the real highlight of the day, a black bear sighting! Not just any black bear sighting either, a mama bear and her two cubs! We watched them as they curiously explored the shore, one cub sticking close to mom while the other ventured on its own. They were the cutest little family.

We saw even more seals as we got closer to Jackson Narrows. As the narrows became increasingly shallower, we slowed down our speed and carefully journeyed through. The route was challenging but worth it for the scenery. Wildflowers decorated the rocky cliffs and little waterfalls could be found scattered along the shore.

Coming close to our destination we spotted two humpbacks in the Finlayson Channel. With one to our starboard and the other to port side, everyone was able to get a really good view of the show. No Agenda got front row seats as one dived by their stern, showing its flukes. Arctic Star even saw some sea lions off their bow!

We made a quick pit stop at a waterfall before heading into Bottlenose Inlet. One by one the boats cruised along the waterfall to get a better view, the perfect opportunity for some majestic group pictures (and potentially the perfect Christmas cards).

The sun finally came out again as we anchored in Bottlenose, allowing for a beautiful evening after a very thrilling journey.

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