2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 18 Bishop Bay to Lowe Inlet | NW Explorations


2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 18 Bishop Bay to Lowe Inlet

We had a fairly long journey ahead of us this morning, with roughly five and a half hours until Lowe Inlet. Initially all that could be seen on the horizon were the mysterious silhouettes of the islands ahead of us, but slowly the Kitimat Mountain ranges began to peer through.

As we reached the west end of Verney Passage, we spotted our first humpback of the day. It was only up briefly before we saw flukes, indicating it would be down for awhile before resurfacing. However, we saw at least three more humpbacks shortly after, flashing their flukes as well. We assumed these humpbacks were traveling together in a pod, considering humpbacks typically either travel alone or in small groups of two to five. Arctic Star even had some friendly porpoises riding along their bow, which is a common way porpoises engage in play.

When we made it to Lowe Inlet, it was decided that it would be the perfect evening for a little get together on Deception. After weeks of traveling with one another, our group has become quite tight knit, making it such a joy to be in each other’s company. With the trip coming to an end soon, we reminisced on the adventure thus far, cherishing the time spent with one another.

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