2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 19 Lowe Inlet to Kumealon Inlet | NW Explorations


2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 19 Lowe Inlet to Kumealon Inlet

It was another cool and foggy morning waking up in Lowe Inlet. With less ground to cover today we had a slow morning which allowed for a little early fishing and waterfall exploration before heading off.

Leaving Lowe Inlet, we passed a “fat little sausage of a seal” as No Agenda humorously put it, the first of many we would spot throughout the day. The shore was lined with striated rock and sedge covered ledges. As the fog began to clear the snow-capped mountains dominated the skyline.

We had a rather relaxed evening once we made it to Kumealon Inlet. Lucky enough to end our day in another beautiful location with a waterfall, people took out their dinghies to get a closer look. Coming into the inlet we had seen a group of seals sprawled out on a rock, as well as a lone mischievous seal swimming around the falls.

Cameron and Aiden took their kayaks out and paddled to the falls, getting out along the shore to do a little hike.

We were pleasantly surprised to see another Grand Banks pulling into the inlet, discovering that it was in fact Bonum Vitae finally catching up to the fleet! We did a little catching up with the Bonum Vitae crew as we set out to do our daily dinghy check in with boats. The more the merrier!

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