2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 7 Port Neville to Lagoon Cove | NW Explorations


2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 7 Port Neville to Lagoon Cove

As we left Port Neville this morning, we came across what appeared to be a pod of Dall’s porpoises, which are the fastest of the small cetaceans, zipping past the boats. They are known to reach speeds of 34 miles per hour.

For most of the morning the waters were calm, allowing for an easy coast. There were a variety of birds floating along, though most frequently spotted were flocks of Surf Scoters. Passing Bowers Island, we had the pleasure of spotting two Canada Geese and a group of yellow, fluffy goslings following in line behind.

Once we got to Lagoon Cove owners Dan and Kelly were there to greet us and help with our lines. They were both incredibly welcoming and even hosted a happy hour at the top of the dock to which they provided freshly caught shrimp as the main course. Friends of Bill and Cindy’s, along with a couple of other boats docked for the night, joined the fleet for happy hour, making for a rather social evening.

Walking up the dock ramp you could see dozens of sea stars scattered across the ocean floor. There were clusters of them clinging to the poles, a blend of purples, oranges, and reds all intertwined. A few of them hung lazily from the posts with their arms dangling freely. I am constantly astounded by the beauty that occurs in nature. Also plentiful were the crows scavenging for shrimp leftovers along the mussel covered shores.

Once happy hour had come to an end, Bill and Cindy’s friends offered to get a group photo of the fleet on Arctic Star using their drone.

From our boats we could see lanky little minks swimming and scampering along the shore, providing the evening entertainment.

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