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2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 9 Kwatsi Bay to Echo Bay

It was an absolutely gorgeous morning in Kwatsi Bay with the sun shining and clear skies. It was a strong contrast from the day before. A mirror image of the mountains and trees rippled on the ocean surface. The waterfalls ran with less intensity without the rain but still created a subtle and serene white noise that could be heard throughout the bay. The snowcapped peaks, previously enveloped in fog, revealed themselves in the sunlight. We were lucky to experience the beauty of Kwatsi Bay in two completely different ways, taking our time to soak in the scenery before heading off.

Echo Bay was quaint and inviting with lots of rich history. Also known by the traditional name Ḵ̓wax̱wa̱lawadi, meaning “place of conky cedar”, it is the ancestral home of the Kwikwasut’inuxw people. We had the privilege of meeting Billy Proctor, who had grown up on the coast of British Columbia and had been living in Echo Bay since 1958. He shared his stories and rich knowledge of the land with us. We also got to explore “Billy’s Museum” which displayed a collection of historical, coastal artifacts Billy had collected over the years.

After visiting the museum, we paid a visit to the bookstore next door. A few of us purchased the “Heart of the Raincoast”, a book co-authored by Billy relaying his life story as a fisherman along the BC coast. We called ourselves the “Billy book club.”

On the hike back from the bookstore we came across Landon and Tim, fast asleep on the rocks along the bridge, resembling napping seals basking in the sun.

Once we got back to the boats and had our dinner, everyone surprised me for my birthday by gathering at Deception, celebrating with scrumptious birthday brownie. After being serenaded and blowing out the candles, we went around exchanging stories and laughs. Feeling beyond loved and appreciated, I could not have asked for a better celebration. The beautiful sunset was the perfect ending to a wonderful day.

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