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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 14 – Hurricane Anchorage to Rescue Bay

The day was full of misty islands, deep fjords, and surprising behavior from local wildlife. Rich was at the helm of Deception when a deer cut in front of the flotilla like you would expect on land in any heavily wooded area. However, this deer was swimming with only a head full of velvety antlers above the water. A quick course correction to port offered some space for the deer to pass on our starboard, however the deer swam across our stern and headed straight for Alaskan Dream’s bow and then zig-zagged back, cutting off Victoria’s course. It was all a little odd and everyone was surprised to see this lonely deer battling the current alone.

Not long after, a small pod of pacific white-sided dolphins approached the boats, porpoising in unison and casually riding the bows of each boat for ten minutes or so. I could see Pam from Alaskan Dream bending over the bow taking photos as the dolphins leapt out of the water. Just as we were wondering where the dolphins had disappeared to in Mathieson Channel, a large tail fluke appeared on the horizon between two islands. It was a humpback whale deep diving. Captain Brian had spotted another whale earlier in the day but each encounter was too brief for a proper photo.

Upon arrival of Rescue Bay, the hook was set in short order while the rain continued in short showers giving a heavy, saturated look to all the conifers and mosses that surrounded us. A meatloaf was prepared by Captain Brian and the crew from Victoria. Jim, Jane, and Doug joined us for dinner. A sparkling conversation of past careers, boat life, and the best parts of traveling complimented the glasses of wine and homemade cobbler dessert Jane had whipped up from scratch. A good meal and great company to end a wonderful and adventurous day!

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