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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 18 – Patterson Inlet to Newcombe Harbour

Today was fun, running through all the islands trying to figure out the reasons they were given certain names. For instance, on our way through Ala Inlet, the group encountered Logarithm Point, Sine Island, Cosine Island, Tangent, and lastly, Anger Island. The joke was that the original surveyors, whether it was 19th or 18th century, became confused and in their frustration named these islands after the very technical and arduous task of mapping these waters. Thus, the biggest of the islands was given the name Anger Island, with Anger Point off the eastern side. Not sure how much truth there may be to this but its food for thought, and never hurts to have a little fun with your mind running wild.

A dinghy tour of Newcombe Harbour turned up a few harbor seals where we have anchored for the night. The rain came and went in small intervals, never deciding to stick around. This brought dramatic lighting to the fjord walls and low-lying clouds during the frequent sun breaks in the monochrome sky. That’s not to say the rivers and falls are alive and thriving on the hill sides! With a crew of two dinghies and ten of us piled in, we searched the shores for any signs of bears or moose. Perhaps, we are too early in the season or they decided to stay out of the rain, unlike ourselves. The harbor seals followed up for a bit before giving up for something more interesting, so we called it quits and headed back to the boats for a warm cup of tea and a hot meal.

The evening ends in a similar fashion as before with a well-made dinner by Captain Brian.  This evening he prepared a “Joe’s dinner,” San Francisco style. Sautéed beef in a bed of greens, melted cheese and eggs fried on top, devoured in minutes with compliments to the chef. Rich never fails with more freshly baked cookies, loaded with macadamia nuts and white chocolate! Mike and Ulla (Change of Latitude) came over to Deception for cinema night, Second Hand Lions premiered as the evening turned dark. Life is good, and I thank all who helped bring this wonderful and unique band of cruisers together!

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