Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 19 – Newcombe Harbour to Prince Rupert | NW Explorations


Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 19 – Newcombe Harbour to Prince Rupert

Civilization!  It is strange, after such remoteness, what we consider a big town now as the flotilla safely pulled in to the quaint town of Prince Rupert, BC.  History thrives here with so many industries converging on the North West Pacific coast, all hailing to this small town.

A quick walk around the waterfront and you will realize there are many maritime-honored sights and history to explore. Not to mention, this being the home to the Tsimshian First Nations Tribe, one of the most advanced tribes for hundreds of years along the British Colombian coast. They are known for their ornate, complex tapestries showcased at the local museum of which I plan to visit tomorrow with the others.

The town is definitely small, even with a massive port offering deep anchorages for the shipping containers and the ever-busy railway in constant motion delivering goods from near and far. The town offers lots of great places to eat, such as the Cow Bay Cafe with gourmet seafood, which Mike and Ulla aboard Change of Latitude has offered to dine the crew of Deception at. Gracious, generous, and always funny is how I would describe the couple from Finland. It was another kind gesture among the many we have received from the family we have all come to know as the Mother Goose Flotilla. I am deeply moved and gratified by so many great people cruising with us that it will make saying good-bye that much harder.

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