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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 21 – Prince Rupert to Foggy Bay

We all thought that nothing could beat our amazing adventure tour in Prince Rupert, however, Foggy Bay was nothing shy of spectacular! A narrow passage into the back of the protected bay provided a scenic entrance to a calm, and photogenic anchorage. Within 30 minutes, Rich and myself, aided by Captain Brian’s instructions gathered the five boats near the back of the bay to set stern ties and deploy anchors for our final Mother Goose Alaskan Flotilla raft for the night.

A dinghy tour proved very profitable for wildlife viewing and a challenge for the outboards to power through a strong current running in Very Inlet. Before turning around due to the strong tidal changes (up to 25ft!), the group spotted a mother black bear and her cub on a grassy beach eating the sedges. No more than 9 bald eagles soared above our heads making our way back before Doug, from Victoria, spotted another adult black bear a few hundred yards from where the flotilla was anchored! It’s true the farther north one travels in Alaska, the wildlife become much more abundant in these remote, pristine wildernesses. This is why many cruise up north to take in the unmatched scenery of these traditional cruising grounds, mapped way back when Captain Vancouver was exploring the Inside Passage for the first in in the late 1700s.

Customary to tradition, with the flotilla rafted together, Captain Brian hosted “the last supper” aboard Deception. This is our final chance to dine privately as a group up to Ketchikan, to share stories and laughter of all that has happened underway. A toast to the good times and new friendships made! It has been a privilege to travel with such experienced cruisers for our first leg in the Alaskan Mother Goose Flotilla of 2017, and I feel honored to be aboard with a proven and knowledge captain, such as Brian Pemberton. Rich Fitzpatrick has offered great insight as to what it takes to cruise these waters safely, and has really helped me overcome many of the troubles I have found underway. With these men, and the guests aboard each vessel with us, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Pacific Northwest. So here’s to everyone whom has given so much of their time and expertise in order to provide a unique pleasurable experience to Ketchikan, Alaska – Hoorah!

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