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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 22 – Foggy Bay to Ketchikan

At the first sight of Ketchikan, the mood has changed on the boats. The trip has drawn to an end, and sadly, this is our last destination. I will miss the great conversations about cruising in Finland with Ulla & Mike aboard Change of Latitude over a glass of their favorite wine. “The Dreamers,” Donna, Roy, Chris, & Pam (Alaskan Dream) have given me much to look forward to in my education of sailing and I will never forget their generosity they have expressed throughout our trip. Jack & Jan from Patos have given me so many interesting insights into the history of the explorers that first sailed through the Inside Passage. I look forward to reading many of their book recommendations and trying to replicate those fantastic salads Jan was famous for on our Pot Latch nights.  Jim, Jane, & Doug (Victoria) always provided the best desserts and they knew no limits to their sense of humor. They had the best moments in their photos expressing their silly side, always bringing a smile to my face.

Yes, I am sad; we all are, but I am also happy. Happy to have known such wonderful people in the three week cruise together and will cherish the memories we have all made. Leg 1 was full of so much; grizzly bears, giant sea cucumbers, bald eagles by the dozens, dolphins in pods of a hundred, porpoises, seals, sea lions, Orca pods, and humpback whales! Wow. What a trip and I look forward to the holiday cards and letters throughout the years as we go our separate ways. Though, something tells me I will see more of these special people soon. In fact, I should just go right ahead and sign them up for next year’s flotilla while I still have their attention! Haha, well that’s ultimately up to them, but I think we will have another summer together soon knowing how well we have all played together.

Good byes are always hard, but I hope it’s more of a “see you later” than a final departure. Thank you all goslings, for never straying from your good nature and keeping a smile on my face day in and out! Best of luck in the blue yonder beyond, and I hope to cross paths soon again.

Sean Kelly, Naturalist

Mother Goose Flotilla 2017 – Leg 1

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  1. Loved reading the blog and looking at the pictures, it all comes rushing back and reminds us of how fortunate we are to have shared this journey.

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