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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 7 – Kwatsi Bay to Echo Bay

In this Flashback Friday post, we look back at Leg 1, Day 7 of our 2017 Alaska Flotilla, where guests visited Kawatsi Bay and Echo Bay. Enjoy!

A stunning view of Lacey Falls, located in situated in the Broughton Archipelago.

The waterfall was so beautiful at Kwatsi Bay it merited a second visit early in the morning. Soon after our second visit to the waterfall, the clouds broke and the mist burned away to reveal towering faces of granite, millions of years old. These faces must have been carved by an impressive glacier, 10,000 years prior in order to have shaped the fjord that cruisers have dubbed “Glory Be Basin.”

Boaters get a close-up view of Lacy Falls, located in the Broughton Archipelago.

Underway at a leisurely pace, not more than ten minutes passed before we sighted Lacy Falls, named after the elegance of the water that dances down the ancient, rocky face. It was a wonderful opportunity to snap a few photos with the falls spilling dramatically into the channel.

A view of Echo Bay Marina & Lodge at Ḵ̓wax̱wa̱lawadi Village. Pierre Landry, former owner of Pierre’s Lodge and Marina in Echo Bay, serves prime rib to his guests.

Echo Bay was a short trip from Kwatsi Bay, only 12 nm, giving everyone plenty of time to run around the docks. It is obvious that the marina is the product of a labor of love, only a man such as Pierre could afford to give to this remote home for cruisers. He is infamous for the pig roasts and prime rib dinners he hosts on the docks, which bring in large crowds during the summer.

A view of Billy's Museum, with Echo Bay in the background.

The local decor was also fascinating with an eclectic collection of prehistoric projectile points, 18th century glass bottles, and other fantastic relics of those that settled these lands before us; all displayed handsomely at Billy Proctor’s Museum on the far side of the bay. Another great day for the Mother Goose Flotilla. As for tomorrow, we plan to anchor in seclusion after the last two days at docks to once again reconnect with the simple pleasures of cruising in the remote wilderness of the Broughton Islands.

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