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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 8 – Echo Bay to Laura Cove

An explosion of color and life, like you wouldn’t believe, rests no less than a few inches below the water’s surface at Pierre’s dock in Echo Bay. Doug, from Victoria, declares that we must come and see! A 14ft difference, the swinging tides give a unique opportunity to see how diverse the sea floor can be, all within an arm’s reach. Shy of splashing head first into a dazzling array of aquatic creatures from gigantic red sea cucumbers to tiny little jellies floating through a forest of vibrant anemones, a submersible GoPro gives light to a symphony of life.

With so much more to see, we departed shortly after to discover a new anchorage, Laura Cove. Due to the low tide, a large number of rocky islands were exposed so, to be on the safe side, each of the Grand Banks were piloted in by Rich on our trusty dinghy as a guide through the shoals in a small protected area. The crew demonstrated how to stern-tie to shore after setting an anchor, a great lesson for those who haven’t experienced that yet. Within a half hour, all 5 boats were rafted tightly together with three stern-ties and three anchors deployed to hold the flotilla firmly in place. In such occasions, we like to host pot-lucks and do an “open house” so everyone can freely roam about the boats together.

A dinghy tour around the cove proved relaxing for Roy, Donna (Alaskan Dream), Doug (Victoria), and Mike (Change of Latitude) as we skirted the edge of the cove in search of more wildlife. A huge blue heron flew overhead as we motored around the north side with many panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks that surround us. The atmosphere is casual amongst the goslings as the last of the day’s light basks the boats in golden rays of splendor at anchor. I take comfort in knowing everyone appreciates each other’s’ company over the last 8 days with another two weeks to follow. The weather has been glorious and every location has something different to offer. It is easy to stay entertained, but on a quiet evening such as tonight, I find refuge in a good book on the bow Deception, feeling the last of the Sun’s warmth leave us, only to be replaced by a near full moon and starry night.

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