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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 9 – Laura Cove to Sullivan Bay

A new moon brings a low tide to Laura Cove. With less than a few feet under the keels, I decided it was a good opportunity to lead a shore party to sink our boots in the sticky mud close by in hopes of discovering what life could live in these tidal waters. Pam (Alaskan Dream) and Doug (Victoria) met me at the dinghy with cheerful grins and child-like enthusiasm as we set out to find all the slimy, sticky, oozy, stinky, and sneaky critters that call the rocky tidal pools home. We were not disappointed as dozens of black and vibrant orange sea stars manifested, magnificent specimens of the gigantic sea cucumber, and enormous tidal anemones drooped under the weight of themselves out of the water. It was a great adventure as we tromped through the sandy, muddy beach with clams and scallops squirting water up to two feet from hidden siphons buried in the sediment. The simple pleasures of a low-tide excursion ignited a naturalist fire in the hearts of us and we forged for an hour, looking under every rock big enough to lift, and some rocks that proved too big to budge.

A nod from Captain Brian once aboard Deception initiated the departure sequence and within a few brief moments, all boats were under way towards the popular destination of Sullivan Bay. Still early in the season, the docks were empty but that’s how we like it. A whole marina and the support staff to go with it, now all to ourselves. The store was stocked well and a bottomless supply of freshly caught shrimp was delivered on the daily by local fisherman. As the Sun moved behind the mountains in Sutlej Channel, I practiced my golf swing with some other cruisers. The course was simple, Sullivan Bay with one hole and a sturdy driver to propel colorful golf balls as far as one could manage into the sunset. Simply pleasures prove to be the most rewarding; a great way to end our tour of the Broughtons before hitting the “big city” life of Port McNeil tomorrow.

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