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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 2, Day 6 – Petersburg to Pybus Bay

Blue bird skies, the water was calm like a pond, and we are all gathered in a gorgeous anchorage here in Pybus Bay. Today marks a special occasion: Ross and Maureen from Bonum Vitae celebrated their 45th anniversary with humpback whales (over a dozen in Frederick Sound), sea otters, harbor seals, a small pod of porpoises, and plenty of bald eagles. A romantic backdrop of a beautifully carved glacial valley full of vibrant vegetation, and braided waterfalls! Hard to get any better than that; oh but the crew of Deception customized a cake for Ross and Maureen to cut together as the evening grew dark and glasses of wine were toasted to the couple closing the evening of an unforgettable day.

Half the fun of cruising is sharing with friends, making memories with bellies full of fine foods, tasty treats, and bubbly drinks. These are the times to sit quietly in peace on the bow soaking in the good nature that surrounds us. The call of eagles in the tree tops add to the ambiance of a distant river rushing over steep granite cliffs to a rhythmic banter like the heartbeat of Mother Nature.

Sarah on Patos spotted her first grizzly bear eating sedges while a crow watched on in curiosity from a boulder as this enormous animal gathered greens that grew abundantly on the shore. This truly is a special place. You may look all day and see nothing more than a few gulls and perhaps a seal, but at Pybus Bay, the wildlife comes to you! Swinging at anchor, the wind will shift our view as if we are on a slow moving panorama transforming shorelines and distance peaks around to cascading falls and grassy beaches a few hundred feet away. This is what makes cruising SE Alaska so special. Incredible landscapes, plentiful wildlife, and a big family like Mother Goose to share these great experiences with!

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