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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 2, Day 9 – Taku Harbor to Juneau

Taku Harbor was quaint and quiet. The ruins of what we think was an old cannery was fun to explore. All sorts of trinkets riddled the ground from broken sea glass, to heavy equipment used from the old days of the cannery industry. When the clouds broke in the morning the setting was damp, but beautiful. A dense forest of skit surrounded a small guest dock maintained by the national forest, free for use! Taku Harbor was one of those gems you hope to stumble across but never expect it.

Today was our last day as the flotilla made the remaining miles up to Juneau in a scenic cruise close to shore. Lots of wild cow-parsnips flourished along the water’s edge. You know its crabbing season with hundreds of buoys dotting the shallows like sprinkles on a cupcake.

Calm waters and a gentle sea breeze was all the weather we encountered up until we came within the “no wake” zone of the docks in Juneau where the wind was icy. Stepping out onto the bow for tie dock lines the wind had a bite as it travelled over the Mendenhall glacier north of town. This is a massive glacier, five times the size of the South Sawyer we saw yesterday!

Time goes quickly for the fortunate who have fun. Though, all good things must come to an end, it feels too soon. We have enjoyed so much wildlife, isolated anchorages, hikes ashore, dinghy tours, and cocktail parties which makes these times emotional. The clinks of glasses mark the final toast at dinner with Rodney (Bonum Vitae) generously pouring quality sake around the table at the local Asian bistro downtown. For us, the crew of Deception, we have had a great adventure on our second leg of the Mother Goose Flotilla in Alaska. It has truly been a great privilege to meet everyone, to share this extraordinary journey up to Juneau, and to have made the memories we cherish with people who appreciate it the most. Many thanks and safe travels from the crew of Deception, Mother Goose Flotilla 2017.

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