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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 3, Day 6 – William Henry Bay to Haines

Back to civilization! Though, for a small town like Haines, that might be a bit of a stretch. Nonetheless, the town has a cozy small boat marina, a bakery, coffee shops, restaurants, local bars, a new brewery, and enough adventure tours to keep anyone busy! A few nights at anchor is nice and relaxing with none of the modern-day conveniences to distract you from the tranquil isolation of life at anchor. However, the small towns of Alaska always have their unique charm and it is welcoming to be amongst the locals again.

The passage to Haines was magnificent, no surprise. The coastal mountains rise as metamorphic pyramids striated by primordial intrusions of volcanics in stark contrast to the prolific sitka and alders growing from the summits to the shore. Riding the waves, our flotilla of Grand Banks are dwarfed by these earthy giants as we travel north to Haines. The weather started out misty, a little cold, but did not last long. The boats weaved through unnamed islands as the clouds burned off, giving the sun a chance to break through and illuminate the snowy peaks of our sea-side borders. Barely a breeze, the day shaped into a great cruise and soon we were at our destination.

Eager to explore, Eileen and Margaret from Change of Latitude ventured to town with husbands, Andy and Terry, to find a bite to eat. Bob and Kim aboard Victoria, being the good friends they are, could not let the others go at it alone and the six of them together stumbled upon the Fireweed Restaurant. Fresh rockfish grilled to a succulent, smoky filet, with healthy salads of fancy goat cheeses, vinaigrettes, and a fully stocked bar did not disappoint the crew.

Part of traveling is getting to know the small nooks of these interesting towns. Southeast Alaska has a lot to offer in the way to recreational activities, but the towns are not to be underestimated. Small, yet charming, they are full of small ‘Ma & Pop’ shops, locally owned and always having genuinely good service. Store fronts are brightly colored with boutique gardens taking advantage of the short growing season. Alaska is a colorful place in the summer. Taking part and celebrating the warm days with close friends or family is the most rewarding part of our cruising experience. Together, we make memories, share laughter, and unwind in the calm evenings. This is a special time of the year and cruising with good company is never taken for granted.

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