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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 5, Day 10 – Meyers Chuck to Yes Bay

Homemade sticky buns and sunshine, what a way to start the morning!  Cassy brought over her freshly baked sticky buns still warm from the oven.  We sat on the docks, soaking in the morning sun and sipping coffee with our cinnamon rolls.  The town woke up with the sun and folks headed out to fish for the day.  It was quite heavenly.

After a leisurely morning, we headed out for the day.  We hadn’t been cruising for long before we encountered a pod of killer whales!  We slowed down and watched them for a while.  It was a small pod of about 10 whales, foraging for food together.  One of the younger, smaller whales kept throwing its tail up out of the water.

It was most likely a group of transient killer whales.  These whales feed on marine mammals and it appeared as though they were hunting porpoise and seals near the shoreline.  It was wonderful to get to watch them as they went about their day.  At times, we were even close enough to hear their breaths and see the saddle patch markings on their backs.

Discovery stayed back and spent some more time fishing near Meyers Chuck.  Their efforts were rewarded with a yellow eye rockfish.  On the way to Yes Bay, we traveled through Behm Canal, which is a deep fjord.  It was a beautiful, calm day on the water.

Once in Yes Bay, we anchored and had a chance to explore, fish and set crab pots before the rain started.  Don and Carlyne took the kayaks out for a paddle.  A quick shore excursion showed lots of recent bear signs.  This is a wonderful place to explore by kayak or dinghy, with many small islands and coves to poke around in.  The afternoon and evening turned out to be misty, and each boat enjoyed a cozy evening on board.

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