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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 5, Day 15 – Punchbowl Cove to Ketchikan

We woke to a wet morning in Punchbowl cove.  The rain overnight had created hundreds of new waterfalls cascading down the cliffs.  It was a beautiful sight!  We had an early start in order to reach Ketchikan with plenty of time to fuel the boats and get settled onto the docks.

For part of the day we traveled through some rougher waters.  The wind had picked up and created choppy waves that kept us on our toes.  It was exciting to get into some bigger water, but we were all glad that most of the trip had been calm and glassy.  Everyone handled their boats very well though and no one got sea sick!

Ketchikan is a neat town that was built right on the edge of the water.  It is Alaska’s fifth largest city although the population is only about 8,000.  Historically, it was the site of a Tlingit summer fishing village.  It still boasts the largest collection of totem poles in the world and calls itself the salmon capitol of the world.  The name Ketchikan comes from a Tlingit word describing the sound of the nearby creek as the “thundering wings of an eagle.”

Once on the docks, the crews took advantage of a break in the rain and set out to explore.  Later in the evening Discovery and Patos joined us for dinner at Annabelle’s, a locally famous restaurant in town.  We are somewhat reluctantly back to reality and civilization.  Each crew is headed back to their normal routines in the next few days.  We are all coming back refreshed and rejuvenated from our time on the water.

This has been an amazing trip.  Thinking back on all of the places we have been since we left from Juneau two weeks ago, it is difficult to choose a favorite.  We had wonderful wildlife encounters, incredible scenery, tidewater glaciers, secluded anchorages, and great company to cruise with.  Alaska has astounded us with its immense wilderness and natural beauty.  Many of us are already planning our returns!

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