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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 10 – Hurricane Bay to Fury Cove

Since we didn’t quite have the correct conditions for navigating Spitfire Narrows, we chose to take a different route to Fury Cove.  This way still took us on a winding and narrow path around submerged rocks and islands, but allowed us to relax a bit having more water under the keel.  It was a beautiful morning with many interesting layers of cloud and sun breaks.

We had a nice calm day underway today.  We spotted humpback whales, harbor seals, eagles, and rhinoceros auklets.  Denise and one of the dogs, Jack, decided to ride on Deception today in case it became rough out as we crossed Fitz Hugh Channel.  We didn’t hit any bad weather, but Jack (and the Deception crew) greatly enjoyed his doggy spa day.

Fury cove is a neat anchorage in Penrose Island Marine Park.  It has a beautiful white shell beach that stretches along one side of the cove.  We had been hoping to have a bonfire on the beach tonight, but as soon as we pulled in it started to rain.  Doreen, Marta and I all braved the rain and went to the beach anyway.  We also found a short trail to a cabin that is open to kayakers and campers.

This beach is what is known as a midden beach.  This means that the accumulation of shells that make up the beach came from the native peoples that lived here hundreds or even thousands of years ago.  As they shucked clams to eat, they would throw the shells out in front of their villages and after many years of this, full beaches were formed.

The afternoon showers continued into the evening.  The Discovery crew also braved the rain and headed out to do some more fishing.  The rest of us cozied up inside with books, projects and movies.  Change of Latitude cooked up some crab cakes and shared them with everyone.  What a treat!  Despite the rain, we enjoyed a nice night in Fury Cove aboard gently rocking boats.

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