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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 16 – Octopus Island to Grace Harbor

Today’s cruise took us to Desolation Sound.  Contrary to its name, Desolation Sound is a haven for boaters because of its protected waters, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife.  The area was named by Captain Vancouver while he was in a foul mood.  The many twisting channels and long inlets that dead end caused him and his crew much grief as they tried to survey the area and search for the Northwest Passage.

We took a detour past our anchorage in order to go have lunch in Okeover at the Laughing Oyster.  This lovely restaurant overlooks the water and some beautiful flower gardens.  The outdoor patio was perfect for dining on this warm afternoon.  Lunch was delicious, and most of us ordered some of their fresh seafood options.

After lunch, it was back to Grace Harbor to anchor for the night.  Grace Harbor was a beautiful, protected anchorage.  We were no longer off the beaten path, though.  As soon as we drew near to Desolation Sound, the boat traffic increased as well as the number of houses and towns along the shore.  We realized how spoiled we had been having all this seemingly untouched wilderness to ourselves.

Grace Harbor has a nice little hike out to a large freshwater lake.  About half of the group chose to take the hike, while the rest relaxed in the sun.  Bill brought the dogs along for the walk, and they had a fantastic time.  It was fun just watching them as they raced around, rolled in the mud, and jumped in the lake.

Back on board, we enjoyed a warm, sunny evening.  Marta took out a kayak and explored the back of the harbor.  Some of the crews grilled out for dinner.  The fading light painted the hillsides golden and lit up the red bark of the Pacific Madrone trees that grow here.  Today was the first day that we encountered these beautiful, twisting trees.

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