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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 18 – Madeira Park to Montague Harbor

Today was our final open water crossing.  We set off at 7am from Madeira Park and headed out across the Straight of Georgia.  Denise and Jack joined us on Deception for the crossing.  Once again, we were very fortunate with the weather.  There was a light southerly wind that produced some small chop in the channel, but all together it was a pretty calm crossing.

Once at Montague Harbor, we were reunited with Change of Latitude and Discovery.  Change of Latitude greatly enjoyed their excursion over to Jedediah Island.  It sounded like they spent a lovely, peaceful evening on the boat and even spotted some killer whales.  Discovery has also been having a great time.

Montague Harbor is on the west side of Galiano Island.  It is a popular destination in the Gulf Islands.  We arrived in the early afternoon and had a chance to explore.  One side of the harbor consists of a provincial park with a beautiful swimming beach and campground.  A lovely trail winds around the point.  The trail took us under giant old madrone trees and led to sunny benches with beautiful views of the clear water and boats at anchor.

A trip to Montague Harbor is not complete without a stop at the Hummingbird Pub.  The pub is a short drive away from the marina, but a bus runs on the hour to shuttle people back and forth.  The bus ride is actually the main attraction here.  The old school bus has been converted into the perfect party shuttle bus.  The back is lined with couches, a drum set has been attached all around the driver’s seat, and a bucket of musical instruments await oncoming passengers.  Tommy, the driver, blasts music that gets the whole bus singing and playing along.  He manages to drive, keep up a running commentary, DJ, and play a wide array of percussion instruments all at the same time.  It was a wild ride!

After an entertaining dinner at the Hummingbird Pub, we headed back to the boats for the evening.  We had a calm, pleasant evening in the harbor.  We watched as the sunset turned the sky a beautiful golden color.  We are all soaking up these special moments as our trip winds down and the realities of the world begin to hit us.

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