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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 2 – Foggy Bay to Prince Rupert

We left Foggy Bay early this morning and headed south toward Prince Rupert.  Today’s route across the Dixon entrance is one of the more exposed open water crossings that we do.  Once again, we were extremely lucky with the weather!  We had mostly flat seas with just a slight amount of swell from the open ocean.  It was another warm, sunny day out on the water, perfect for cruising!

The calm, flat seas were great for spotting wildlife as well.  We could see the spouts of feeding humpbacks from over a mile away!  A few of the boats also had closer encounters with the whales today.  Change of Latitude saw a breach from a ways off, and Patos and Deception both had humpbacks fluke right next to them.  We also saw stellar sea lions, harbor porpoise, common murres, and bald eagles.

Much of the day was spent cruising through fairly open water.  We had the coastline of the mainland on one side and the open ocean on the other.  Since it was so clear, we had great visibility and could see some distant mountain ranges.  About midway through the day, we crossed the border into Canada.

We took the scenic route through the Moffat Islands.  This scattering of tens of small islands and rocks, looked like a kayaker’s paradise.  It was fun to cruise along close to the coastline and admire the rugged, pristine shores.  Next, we crossed Chatham sound and entered the winding Venn Passage with its many mudflats to avoid.  Soon after navigating that channel, Prince Rupert came into view.

We docked at the Cow Bay Marina and cleared through customs.  Prince Rupert is a town of around 16,000 people, but it feels like the big city for those of us who have been out cruising for a while.  The economy is mostly based on commercial salmon fishing, along with grain and coal exporting.  We are looking forward to having another day here in port in order to finish up our provisioning, explore and allow for a couple of crew changes.

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