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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 5 – Newcombe Harbour to Patterson Inlet

After a lovely, quiet night at anchor, we woke to a cloudy morning in Newcombe Harbor.  Since, we didn’t have far to go today we were able to enjoy a leisurely morning on board.  By the time we began to prepare to depart the skies had cleared and we had a calm and sunny trip.  As the sun poked out, the reflections on the still water were crisp and bright.

We took a scenic detour through the “mathematical” islands.  These islands were named in the 1920s by a survey group who must have run out of ideas.  They named them Sine, Cosine, and Tangent.  One of the crew was obviously not mathematically inclined, because the next island over is named Anger Island.  It was a beautiful trip weaving through the many small islands and rocks that dot the area.  We cruised through a couple of narrow passages and were able to spot sea stars on the shoreline.  One could truly spend a lifetime exploring up here and never see it all.

We pulled into Patterson Inlet in the early afternoon.  Steep forested hills rose from the sides of the inlet.  Patterson has two separate arms in which one can anchor.  Change of Latitude chose the south arm and the rest of us headed over to the north arm.  Both were beautiful and offered great crabbing and fishing.  Change of Latitude managed to catch multiple crabs before dinner!

A group of us headed up the lagoon at the end of the south arm to explore.  Once it became too shallow for the dinghy we headed off on foot up a small stream in search of the source.  It was difficult, slow going.  We scrambled over slippery rocks and logs and got good and wet and dirty!  But, we hadn’t gone too far when we came to a beautiful secluded lake.  It was well worth the effort!

It was another glorious afternoon with full sunshine, solitude and a warm breeze.  Doug and Marta headed out on the kayaks and paddled around the cove.  Bill took the dogs to the beach for a romp around, and then he and Ed headed out to try their luck fishing.  The warm afternoon faded into a pleasant evening and a clear night.  For those that could stay up for it, the full moon rise was a spectacular show.

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