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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 8 – Culpepper Lagoon to Shearwater

We woke to a foggy morning in Culpepper Lagoon.  The tall granite walls were completely hidden in the mist.  We were glad that we had had a sunny day coming in so we could take in the scenery.  We were underway by 9am, sticking close to one another and navigating cautiously through the fog.

At the entrance to the lagoon, we once again had to navigate the narrows.  This time there was more current running through the narrow passage and it looked more like a river than it had the day before.  Luckily, the current was running with us, and it wasn’t strong enough to push us off course.  Each boat waited their turn and then shot through the center of the channel.  Everyone handled their boats beautifully and the swiftly moving water added some excitement to our day.

This morning Change of Latitude and Patos both pulled up pots full of crab.  Together they actually had a boat full of crab!  We cooked them up while we were underway and had a delicious crab lunch.  Midway through the day, the sun came out and the fog burned off.  Patos managed to spot a black bear on the beach.

We made our way toward the small community of Shearwater.  This tiny town is located on Denny Island.  It is known as the Gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest.  It offers a lot of great recreational fishing options.  For us, it was a great spot to stop and re-provision and stretch our legs a bit.  The town consists of a single gravel road, a boat yard, grocery store, hardware and marine store, and a restaurant.

We were able to get on the docks in the Shearwater Marina.  It felt good to walk around town, take showers, do laundry and go out to eat for the night.  Victoria, Bonum Vitae, and Patos all went out to dinner together at the local pub.  It was a warm, sunny afternoon in Shearwater.

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